Toon In: Robin Hoodlum (1948)

Welcome back friends to another dose of Toon In, that part of the week where we can shine the spotlight on an animated short or classic cartoon worthy of your attention. This week we have a 1948 offering from the Fox and the Crow UPA Oscar nominated short entitled “Robin Hoodlum”.

The celebrated UPA animation studio turns out to have come about because of the strike in 1941 by the Walt Disney Studios animation department. When a majority did not return to the animation department, like layout artist John Hubley (Dumbo, Bambi), they found an open door with the Industrial Film and Poster Service in 1943. IFPS would become UPA and found itself securing a contract, one that was highly sought after, with Columbia Pictures. The first work the company produced was for Columbia’s the Fox and the Crow characters, which had originally been created by Screen Gems and they delivered 1948’s Robin Hoodlum, a delightful short that shows us that things in Sherwood Forest weren’t exactly as we were told.

Fox and Crow - UPA

So please Toon In with UPA’s The Fox and The Crow’s Robin Hoodlum!

This archery tournament is going to take a while.


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