“Ok…Who Brought The Bashasaurus?”

Now that famous Ghostbusters line went a little differently in the film but it seemed appropriate in this situation.

[Via] Ghostbusters.Net

While on the Diary of An Arcade Employee Facebook Page today I shared one of the very rare incidents that gets us angry, the truth of the matter is the community we have been lucky enough to become friends with while being amazing for embracing the arcade itself, are also quick to bring their personal retro items they no longer need so that Shea might have the opportunity to put them on display for everyone to enjoy.

Now in this particular case, the other night when local artist and friend to the arcade, Terry Thielen, dropped by with his Family he didn’t bring something to be displayed but a gift to my co-worker Andy Pickle with this 100% unopened Masters of the Universe Bashasaurus vehicle!

Masters of the Universe - Bashasaurus 1

Just last year the Retroist himself shared this vintage TV commercial showing us how useful He-Man’s dinosaur inspired vehicle could be…you know…smashing stuff!

[Via] Sean Mc

The Bashasaurus gift was well received and while the box might have had a little damage it still possessed the original stickers for the Heroic Combat Vehicle!
Masters of the Universe - Bashasaurus stickers
Masters of the Universe - Bashasaurus Back

Bashasaurus…Bam! Bam! Bam!


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