Our Miss Brooks Reunion On The Hour Magazine TV Show (1985)

On the last Retro Radio Memories Podcast we shared a wonderful bit of Old Time Radio, Our Miss Brooks, all thanks to a listener request. When trying to find some info on the series I stumbled on this eight minute clip from the Hour Magazine TV show (1980 – 1988) that featured a reunion with two stars of the radio show and TV adaptation, Eve Arden and Richard Crenna.

I have no recollection of the Hour Magazine TV series, although I certainly am familiar with it’s host Gary Collins from his work on 1972’s The Sixth Sense and 1980’s Hangar 18.

[Via] Curtis J. Livingston III

In particular in this reunion segment I was incredibly impressed by how Richard Crenna slipped into his voice for Walter Denton, the teenage character he portrayed about 30 years earlier.

[Via] videoholicULTIMATE


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