The 100 Classic Titles In The Atari Vault Have Been Revealed!

Back in January we passed along the news about the upcoming collection of Atari games headed to Steam called the Atari Vault. Just two hours ago a video dropped showing all of the titles that would be included in said collection.

[Via] Atari
3d tic tac tow – adventure – air sea battle – asgo concentration
asteroids (arcade) – asteroids – asteroids deluxe – backgammon
basic math – basketball – black widow – blackjack – bowling
brain games – breakout – canyon bomber – casino
centipede (arcade) – centipede – championship soccer
checkers – chess – circus atari – code breaker
combat – combat 2 – crystal castles (arcade) – crystal castles
demons to diamonds – desert falcon -dodge-em – double dunk
fatal run – flag capture – football – golf – gravitar (arcade) – gravitar
hangman – haunted house – homerun – human cannonball
liberator – lunar lander -major havoc – mazecraze
millipede (arcade) – millipede – minigolf
missile command (arcade) – missilecommand – night driver
off the wall – outlaw – pong – quadrun – race – radar lock
red baron – return to haunted house – rs volleyball – rs-baseball
rs-basketball – rs-boxing – rs-football – rs-soccer – rs-tennis
save mary – secret quest – sentinal -sky diver – slotmachine
slotracers – space duel – spacewar – sprint – sprint master
star raiders – starship – steeplechase – stellar track
street racer – stunt cycle – sub commander – super baseball
super breakout (arcade) – super breakout – super football – surround
sword quest EW – sword quest FW – sword quest WW
tempest (arcade) – tempest – v pinball – video olympics
videocube – warlords (arcade) – warlords – yars revenge

Now bear in mind that the Atari Vault also boasts:
Online and Local Multiplayer and Steam Leaderboards – For the first time ever, battle for arcade supremacy online or at home and compare your high scores with players from around the world.
Steam Controller Support – Experience a new level of control playing your favorite games with the multi-functional Steam Controller.
Brand New User-Interface – New User-Interface designed to create the greatest classic arcade experience.
Original Cabinet and Box Art – Relive the glory days with period-accurate cabinet and box art.
Game Soundtrack – Rock out to original 70’s and 80’s game soundtracks.

So at some point this Spring on Steam you will be able to make sure that even if you don’t own the original system and carts you can ask your friends “Have you played Atari today?”

[Via] Scottith Games


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