Do You Recall The 1980’s Computer Warriors Toy Line?

Do You Recall The 1980’s Computer Warriors Toy Line?

As I’ve mentioned on the site before, when it came to transforming toy lines my heart was always with Hasbro’s The Transformers. Which might be why I overlooked the Computer Warriors toys from Mattel back in 1989…even though now I certainly wished I could have at least picked up the Pepsi transforming hover jet playset!

Computer Warriors - Pepsi

The Computer Warriors story finds that a government computer has malfunctioned and it is producing an evil army of viruses, their leader Megahert manages to guide his minions into the real world to begin the take over of all computer systems. Thankfully the same computer realizes it’s mistake and programs four heroic antiviruses dubbed the Computer Warriors, led by Romm, to dispatch the evil Megahert and his cohorts before they can take over the world.

To make sure their activities are not discovered in the real world both forces learn to hide in common objects of the day as in the already mentioned Pepsi can, a soccer trophy, flashlight, pencil sharpener, calculator, digital desk clock, a book entitled “Invasion of the Viruses”, and even a desktop computer.

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There was even a special animated movie produced for the toy line and since it’s a Mattel production you might even spot a familiar figure hidden in a toy chest. For your viewing pleasure is Computer Warriors: The Adventure Begins!
He Man - The Computer Warriors

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“Pepsi Can Transform!”


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