1982’s TRON Mixed-Up Mazes Will Put You On A Different Type Of Game Grid!

One of my good friends at the arcade yesterday was more than kind enough to gift me this 1982 Simon & Schuster maze book featuring many of the locations and characters from Walt Disney’s cult classic TRON.

TRON - Maze - Book

Some of the mazes had already been completed, not that this diminished the value of the book. It’s the joy of being able to see this…ahem…a-maze-ing vintage tie-in from my youth and of course one of my favorite films.

Within the book you can find challenges from Sark himself, standing ready to challenge you if you manage to get through the maze…
TRON - Sark - Maze Book
…or join Kevin Flynn as he puts his skill to the test in the Ring Game…
TRON - Flynn
…or outwith the MCP’s loyal guards while navigating a very familiar circuit pattern…
TRON - Guards - Maze Book
…but you might need to rely on the power of the User to make it through the test of navigating TRON’s very name!

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