LEGO Dimensions Isn’t Monkeying Around With Their New Midway Level Pack

LEGO Dimensions Arcade
You might remember just last week I shared the announcement that LEGO Dimensions was releasing a new level pack for their popular toys-to-life game, one that features not only the super sleek spy car (G-6155) from Spy Hunter as well as a Defender cabinet with the promise of being able to play actual William’s arcade titles like Joust, Robotron, Defender, Rampage and more…thanks to this video that dropped yesterday it looks like we Players can do so much more than that!

LEGO Dimensions - Spy Hunter

Like engaging in some fisticuffs with a Joust Ostrich rider…no word yet on if a Stork rider is present…
Joust - LEGO Dimensions

Or taking on the form of George from Rampage to go ape on some LEGO buildings.
LEGO Dimensions - Rampage 1

[Via] GameSpot

The Midway Arcade Retro Gamer Level Pack looks to have hit store shelves the other day along with the likes of Superman, Aquaman, and a few familiar foes from the original Ghostbusters film.
Superman - Lego Dimensions - Ghostbusters - Aquaman

Just remember that when your time is up as George…it’s best to have a quick change of clothes handy!


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