A Game of Scruples (Or, How I Learned to Confess My Answer to an Ethical Dilemma)

A board game that makes you question your conscience, morals, and self-respect?

Certainly such a game would never exist…would it? Could it?

Seriously folks, you question me on this?

A Question of Scruples is a card game based on ethical dilemmas, designed and marketed in 1984 by Henry Makow, and licensed by him to Maruca Industries. The game asks players (up to twelve can play) how they would respond to everyday moral dilemmas.

Screenshot (36)

*Sigh* such immoral people.

The idea is for the person to either be called out on a bluff, testing how well those playing know their fellow participants. The idea is to rid yourself of five yellow cards that pose these dilemmas.

Screenshot (34)

In this 1986 advertisement, we learn all about how terrible parents can be…and if someone would steal money from a wealthy individual’s wallet.

Screenshot (35) Screenshot (37)

Reading your daughter’s diary? Pilfering from a wallet you found? Such immoral, unethical people!

Screenshot (38)

Is that ALL Scruples is?!

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She is not immoral. Or immortal.

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