Who doesn’t want a Dice Rolling Monkey?

I own a lot of dice. Being a long time gamer, they just sort of accumulate. When I roll those dice, I tend to go old-school and just shake ’em up and toss ’em. The problem with rolling by hand is the human factor. Does it affect my rolls? It is hard to tell, but sometimes I have thought about picking up a dice tower to take all the guesswork out of making rolls random. If you are not familiar with a dice tower, it is a box with some twists and turns that allows you to dump dice in and they roll themselves. Here is one in action:

A tower, especially one that looks like a castle or real tower would be really great, but I recently found something even better for rolling dice. A monkey! Now you can see the magnificent box above and you are probably wondering, “What does this mechanized monkey marvel actually look like?”

Well, wonder no more. Here is my new best friend…



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