Jean Stapleton Talks About Edith’s Off-Screen Death On Archie Bunker’s Place

My Family were very faithful viewers in regards to CBS and Norman Lear’s All In The Family TV series. Countless dinners were consumed watching the lovable Bunker clan and how they adjusted…some more willing than others…to the changing times. From it’s debut year in 1971 until 1976 it held the number one spot in the yearly Nielsen ratings, which was apparently the first TV show to have ever done that before.

That of course included the spin-off series Maude, Gloria, and my favorite The Jeffersons…this is the series that taught me how to dance. True story.

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We of course also followed 1979’s Archie Bunker’s Place and I can totally remember seeing my Family in tears when after Archie (Carroll O’Connor) breaks down after returning from his Wife’s (Edith played by Jean Stapleton) funeral and he happens to discover her slipper underneath his recliner. I remember this so vividly because I loved the character of Edith because she reminded me of my Grandmother on my Mother’s side so very much…so I kind of felt like I had lost my TV Grandmother if that makes any sense.

Sadly, Jean Stapleton passed away in 2013 but we can hear her own thoughts about the passing of her character thanks to the Archive of American Television interview on YouTube.


Now I also would like to share that for some reason my Father hated the character of Edith, I really can’t tell you why…but to that I say PFFFTT!


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