1979’s Red Carpet Premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Sounded Like Fun

While I was in no way able to be at the World Premiere of 1979’s big-budget Star Trek: The Motion Picture I was glad to read about it from this vintage Starlog issue. Judging from this article it was something to behold and not just due to the likes of the cast of the film showing up to see the film but Gene Roddenberry (Naturally!), but the films’ Director Robert “Bob” Wise and composer Jerry Goldsmith!

Star Trek the Motion Picture - Starlog Magazine - Cast

Apparently the tickets to see the film cost one hundred dollars which is quite a sum in 1979 but I suppose is reasonable to be part of such a big event, which was held at the MacArthur Theatre in Washington…which Cinema Treasures reports was closed and turned into a CVS Pharmacy in 1997.

Image courtesy of CinemaTreasures.Org
Image courtesy of CinemaTreasures.Org

(Let’s try that again…with the Starlog article. – Vic)
Star Trek Permiere - Starlog a
Star Trek Premiere b - Starlog
Star Trek Premiere c - Starlog

Here for your viewing pleasure is a 1995 segment for the European Sci-Fi Channel with interviews from Nicholas Meyer, Robert Wise, James Doohan (Telling it like it was), and George Takei discussing what the filming and their feelings of seeing the film were like.

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“Scotty, how did we BOTH fall asleep during the premiere?”


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