Could You Have Won A 1983 Activision Game Library?

Name That Alien - Video Games Player - 1983
In the November 1983 issue of Video Game Player magazine they ran an image contest, tasking readers to identify the names of the games from the 27 images presented. Now I actually own this vintage gaming magazine and I can remember scratching my head after reading this bit of text:
“Can you name the games represented by the creeps on this page?”
I mean…image 24 is most definitely Dirk the Daring from 1983’s Dragon’s Lair…a bumbling knight for sure but a creep? How dare they?! I always assumed they had meant to include the Crypt Creeps in that shot.

Dragon's Lair - Crypt Creeps
I did my best but in my youth I suppose I failed to answer all of them correctly. For the record in 1983 you would have won Ice Hockey, Kaboom, River Raid, Spider Fighter, Keystone Kapers, Enduro, Doplhin, Chopper Command, Megamania, Starmaster, Seaquest, River Raid, and Pitfall. Not a bad haul by any means and I would say that practically all of those titles are absolutle classics of the Golden Age of the Atari 2600.

So…how well can you do now? Name off the titles on the Facebook Post! Have a closer look at the images below.
Video Games Player - A
Video Games Player - B


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