There Is Still Time To Plan That Vacation To Scenic Innsmouth!

I know the day is nearly done, I certainly can feel it as I’ve been out and about all night doing chores like paying taxes, picking up groceries…and possibly stopping by the local board and card game shop, but I was in the neighborhood so my Wife shouldn’t judge me, right?

Well, after my better half kicked me out of the house…it gave me a lot of time to think about where we might get to vacation this year. Thankfully Andrew Liptack over at io9 gave me a hint by being kind enough to share these wonderful vacation posters inspired by a few of the more notable locales in the Author’s stories… as well as some of their otherworldly threats…all three of them illustrated by the talented Steve Thomas.

All Images courtesy of Steve Thomas.
All Images courtesy of Steve Thomas.

Arkham - Steve Thomas

Make sure to sure to visit Steve Thomas’ Official Blog and Store to pick up some prints for the Lovecraft fan in your life and check out the rest of his amazing artwork!


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