BoRics Hair Care was not ready to give up the Eighties in 1989

Decades are difficult to really define, especially from a pop culture standpoint. What we see now as a solid block of time, was in fact days, months and years of pop culture accumulation. What was popular at the start of the decade or the middle could come to define that decade, but it is not really what you saw at another part of the decade.

This ad for BoRics Hair Care is one of those wonderful exceptions. Produced at the tail end of the 1980’s this commercial features the colors, music and dancing that were a lot more at home in the middle of the decade or even earlier. For a commercial about a place that cuts hair, it much more magical than it has the right to be. BoRics!

I have never been to a BoRics, but they look to be in business still. I wonder if they held onto the dream that was the eighties finally or if they are still producing ads with a grunge theme?


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