Scream Factory Presents: Species II & Species III/Species: The Awakening On Blu-Ray!

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Our friends over at Scream Factory are unleashing a triple threat of science fiction horror when on March 8th they debut Species II as well as the Double Feature Presentation of Species III and Species: The Awakening on Blu-Ray for the very first time!

1998’s Species II was directed by Peter Medak (The Changeling, Romeo Is Bleeding) and in this sequel the Earth is under the gun when an alien virus even more horrific and faster spreading than that of Sil (Natasha Henstridge’s character in 1995’s Species) is brought back from Mars, incubating inside America’s Astronaut hero, Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard). This otherworldly entity has one driving impulse and that is to mate…with very horrible results.

Thankfully Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger) and Press Lenox (Michael Madsen) are called in to deal with the situation…I mean who better suited for the task since they had to deal with Sil in the original film? Also joining the team is Patrick’s fellow Astronaut on the doomed Mars mission, Dennis Gamble (Con Air’s Mykelti Williamson), and it would certainly appear they have a VERY big ace up their sleeve this time. Dr. Baker has managed to produce a clone of Sil, this entity known as Eve (Natasha Henstridge) is half-alien and half-human and definitely has a strong connection to Patrick. A little bit of salty language towards the end of the clip!

Species II boasts the talents of James Cromwell (L.A. Confidential, Babe), Peter Boyle (Young Frankenstein, Taxi Driver), and George Dzundza (The Deer Hunter, Crimson Tide) to name a few. Being a Scream Factory release you can be assured that there are worthy special features:
NEW From Sil To Eve – An interview With Actress Natasha Henstridge
NEW Creature Creations – Interviews With Creature & Special Make-up Effects Creator Steve Johnson, Supervising Cosmetic Designer Leonard MacDonald, Transformation Supervisor Joel Harlow, And Chrysalis Effects Supervisor William Bryan
NEW Alien Evolutions – An Interview With Screenwriter Chris Brancato
NEW Special Effects Outtakes & Behind-The-Scenes Footage
Audio Commentary With Director Peter Medak
Scenes From The Film Featuring Uncut Footage Not Shown In Theatres
Species II: Eve Of Destruction Featurette
Theatrical Trailer
Still Galleries – Posters, Lobby Cards, Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Special Effects Behind-The-Scenes Photos And H.R. Giger Sketches

All images courtesy of Scream Factory.
All images courtesy of Scream Factory.

Species III debuted on the Syfy channel back in 2004 with an unrated version following on DVD just a couple of months later. In it a child of Eve (Natasha Henstridge who is only in the opening moments of the film) has been located and with the aid of Dr. Abbot (Phantoms, Young Guns II), naming the entity Sara he attempts to follow in Dr. Baker’s footsteps, teaching the quickly growing alien to be…well…more human. As you might imagine this easier said than done…and throw into the mix another violent alien offspring as well as the overwhelming desire of Sara to ensure her species not only survives but flourishes and you can see the danger presented to the Human Race.

Scream Factory has also loaded this first of the Double Feature Presentation with goodies:

Audio Commentary With Director Brad Turner, Writer Ben Ripley And Actress Robin Dunne
Alien Odyssey: Evolution Featurette
Alien Odyssey: Species DNA – Production Design Featurette
Alien Odyssey: Alien Technology Featurette
Alien Odyssey: Intelligent Lifeforms – Creature Design Featurette
Species III: Genesis Featurette

With 2007’s Species: The Awakening we are introduced to Miranda Hollander (Helena Mattsson), a college professor with some rather interesting talents…like say being able to read a book by merely touching it. That is a talent I wouldn’t mind possessing myself. Miranda has been raised by her uncle Tom (Chariots of Fire’s Ben Cross) since she was but a small child, her parents having perished in an accident…or so she has been told.

Miranda suffers a fainting spell and is taken to the hospitial where the truth of her origins are revealed.

Tom does care for the welfare of Miranda and reveals to her she is the half-human and half-alien, her more aggressive heritage has been kept in check thanks to Tom injecting her with human hormones. The duo are forced to seek out aid from Tom’s former college friend, Forbes (Star Trek: Enterprises’ Dominic Keating), who also had a hand in the creation of Miranda’s DNA. The two men separated…due to a difference in opinion in what types of life they should be allowed to create. Finding sanctuary with Forbes they are shocked to meet Azura (Marlene Favela), who is the mad scientist’s attempt at creating the perfect half-alien and half-human species….one that has no qualms about killing.

The special features are a little light on this particular offering:
NEW Alien Awakenings – An Interview With Director Nick Lyon
NEW Miranda’s Memories – Interview With Actress Helena Mattsson

You can hop on over to the Scream Factory’s Official Site and pre-order your copies of Species II and the Double Feature Presentation of Species III & Species: The Awakening today…or pick them up at most retailers this Tuesday.


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