Toon In: Peer Gynt – In The Hall Of The Mountain King (1960s)

Welcome back to another installment of Toon In, our chance to share with you memorable and noteworthy animated shorts and cartoons. For this week we offer for your viewing pleasure a 1960s short from the Mel-O-Toons studio entitled Peer Gynt In the Hall of the Mountain King!

This is one in a series of Peer Gynt animated shorts by the Mel-O-Toons animation studio, which were released by United Artists. The company focused on mostly age old folk stories mixed with a few biblical offerings, even Greek Myths and in all the company produced 104 shorts.

The story follows what occurs when Peer Gynt, a notorious liar, falls asleep in front of a cave that houses mountain trolls. All of this is coupled with the famous piece of orchestral music composed by Edvard Grieg. In the animated short, Peer makes the situation worse when he falls back on a lie once more, this time to the King of the Mountain Trolls as he claims he is Royalty!

Can Peer Gynt escape from the Hall of the Mountain King? Will he learn his lesson about spinning yarns? Toon In and find out the answer for yourself!

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Run, Peer, Run!!

As a bonus make sure to check out this 1996 animated short featuring a different look at what occurs within the Hall of the Mountain King!

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