Fantastic Is The Only Way To Describe This Fantastic Four Cake!

One of my wonderful cohorts in the Super-Blog Team Up, the esteemed Between The Page was gracious enough to allow me to share from her fantastic blog , this absolutely incredible Fantastic Four inspired cake by Mariana McEnroe, her entry in 2011’s That Takes The Cake! competition.

It appears to me as if Marvel Comics’ First Family is defending the city from a deadly swarm of meteorites. We have the Human Torch taking point in the night sky with what looks like Mister Fantastic literally lending a hand…

All images courtesy of Between the Pages and Mariana McEnroe.
All images courtesy of Between the Pages and Mariana McEnroe.

…Susan Storm Richards is using her force field projection to halt the descent of one of the meteorites…
Susan Storm - Fantastic Four - Mariana McEnroe - Between the Pages

…while everyone’s ever loving blue-eyed Thing steps in reduce that space rock to harmless rubble. It might surprise you to learn that Mariana came in third place with her impressive culinary skills…which makes me think that…
Ben Grimm - Fantastic Four Cake - Mariana McEnroe - Between the Pages

“It’s Clobberin’ Time!”


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