Check Out This 1991 Promotional Video For Sega’s Holographic Time Traveler

Sega - Time Traveler - Arkadia Retrocade
At the arcade we are lucky enough to have out on the floor Sega’s Time Traveler, a Laserdisc arcade title that is coupled with a curved mirror and by refracting the image off the monitor onto the play area or “Micro-theater”, giving it a holographic feel.

Time Traveler - Sega - Arkadia Retrocade

I can also say that at the Arkadia Retrocade it has been a massive feat for our techs to keep the game running properly, a case where they are able to fix something a couple of weeks later yet another component seems to give up the ghost. On the other hand at least we own the only Time Traveler game that sports Sean Connery from Never Say Never Again on it.

Sean Connery - Arkadia Retrocade

If you’ve not had the pleasure before then you will get a kick out of watching this promotional video, it is split into three different sections, the first being actual children and a Family enjoying the title, then you have an interview with Tom Petit the then President of Sega Enterprises, and finally you get to see a little behind the scenes with stunt coordinator Stephen Wilber.


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