Walt Disney Mini Classics on VHS

This commercial was from around initial release of Walt Disney Mini Classic. They started with four, but would eventually release 17 titles until being phased out in 1993, when they were replaced by Disney Favorite Stories.


I worked in a video store while these were available (both selling them and renting them) and boy was there an appetite for these tapes, especially when we sold them. Their lower price made them perfect gifts for kids who would rewatch them again and again. And when they went on sale from $14.95 to $12.99 or even as low as $9.99, we would almost always sell out of them.

I held onto my original tapes and they are in a box somewhere. I find their packaging comforting, even if most of these classic were released on DVD and on YouTube. I am an especially big fan of Donald in Mathmagic land, a short we watched often in school when I was a kid. You know, ‘cuz MATH RULES!



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