In 1982 Fans Were Very Upset Over The Possible Death Of Mr. Spock

Just before my Father and I headed up to the Razorback Theater to catch 1982’s Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, he let slip that he saw a review on television stating that Lenoard Nimoy’s beloved character of Mr. Spock perished in the film.

Now let me be 100% honest. Mr. Spock was never my favorite character from the Star Trek TV series, that honor went to Scotty or Bones. But this bit of news really upset me. Mr. Spock was a hero and a main character so how could they be doing this? By the end of that fantastic entry in the Star Trek films there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, not one.

Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan

Now as the Retroist himself has shared, the fans of the series got wind of the fate of the character even before the film had gone into filming. Which is something that is echoed in this Starlog letters page, you’ll notice that the impassioned fans do not even know the name of the second film yet.

Save Spock - Starlog

Now for a little more info on how Ricardo Montalban came to play the role of Khan Noonien Singh a second time, why not take a few minutes and let him explain that in this interview with the Archive of American Television!

[Via] TV Legends



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