Karate Kid Artwork By PJ McQuade Sweeps The Leg!

We have shared the wonderful artwork of PJ McQuade before on the site, a couple of years back with some impressive Star Wars themed Holiday Cards, but I am completely taken aback with this amazing bit of art created for the It Came from 1984 art show back in 2014. Entitled Karate Kid: Final Fight it features that pivotal scene from the Karate Kid between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

Um…SPOILERS…if you haven’t seen this 1984 film!

[Via] Raditzman

PJ McQuade however decided to go a little further by also offering prints…sadly sold out…that gives us fans of that classic film a look at what that scene would have been like if it had been a fighting game!

All images courtesy of PJ McQuade.Com
All images courtesy of PJ McQuade.Com

Make sure to jump on over to PJ McQuade’s Official Site and check out the rest of the fantastic artwork and what you can pick up at the Artist’s Etsy Store.

“Sweep the leg.”


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