Branded in the 80’s “Robo Force” Trading Cards Are Awesome!

Shawn Robare of the excellent Branded in the 80s website has just delivered another masterpiece of a digital trading card series that for some unknown reason was never actually produced until now. In this case Shawn has reached into his alternate dimension portal device (also known as working extremely hard to make them look so AWESOME!) to procure the Robo Force Trading Card series!

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.
All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

For those not in the know, Robo Force was a 1984 toy line created by Ideal featuring the heroic forces of Robo Force, led by Maxx Steele who challenged the world domination plans of Hun-Dred and his dastardly Cult of Dred!

Robo Force - Official Fan Club - Branded in the 80s - Shawn Robare

The toys possessed suction cups and push buttons on the back of them that activated their “crusher arms”, they also had hidden weaponry as well as interchangeable hand weapons. The series also produced vehicles and playsets but even with a sizable marketing push, that included a 1984 animated special entitled “Robo Force: The Revenge of Nazgar”, the toy line never quite caught on, I suppose the Masters of the Universe just had too much of a stranglehold on the majority of kids imaginations at the time.

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Robo Force Combo - Branded in the 80s - Shawn Robare

Make sure to visit Branded in the 80s to check out all 26 digital cards that Shawn has created, and let’s hope that somehow he can find a way to get these beauties printed so we can purchase a few packs for our very own!


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