Have You Seen The Pilot For 1983’s The Video Game Challenge?

A couple of months ago I found a wonderful clip on YouTube, what turned out to be the premiere of the Atari Star Wars arcade game, it was part of something called The Video Game Challenge. I did my best to dig up more information and found even more clips here and there and learned that it was a television pilot from 1983 that obviously was designed to cash in on the video game craze of the day.

The Video Game Challenge

Sadly the pilot wasn’t picked up but thanks to Ben Gold’s Video Game Channel…that is the SAME Ben Gold by the way that won the January 8th, 1983, “That’s Incredible” Video Game Invitational…we can totally watch the entire episode online. Ben was also a contestant on this pilot where he faced off against Eric Ginner on Atari’s Millipede!

The Video Game Championship - Millipede

The show was hosted by singer and song writer Bobby Sherman and has some great interviews featuring tips and tricks of the popular arcade games of the time as well as shining the spotlight on such new systems as the Vectrex and so much more!

So grab your favorite beverage and snacks and get ready to find a smile plastered on your face as you watch 1983’s The Video Game Challenge!

[Via] Ben Gold’s Video Game Channel

I totally want this Token Dispenser!


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