These 1993 Trade Show Photos Reveal Mortal Kombat II Kombatants Ready To FIGHT!

A huge thanks to Mark Steiner who was gracious enough to contact me on Facebook and gave his permission to share these 1993 Trade show photos he took in his youth.

In this case we are looking at some of the original stunt people who were digitized for the immensely popular sequel to the first Mortal Kombat, aptly entitled Mortal Kombat II.

Photos courtesy of Mark Steiner.
Photos courtesy of Mark Steiner.

In the photo it looks to me to be Anthony Marquez as Kung Lao (The absolutely greatest Mortal Kombat character in my humble opinion)…

…that is not Daniel Pesina who played the role of Scorpion in the game because he is most definitely there as Johnny Cage and it does look like Carlos Pesina is taking on the mantle of the Elder God Raiden. Not only where they posing for photos at the Trade Show but engaging in a little demonstration of their talents. It looks like Kung Lao delivers a type of spinning kick to Cage and in return is a recipent of Johnny Cage’s patented Shadow Kick. Scorpion appears to be delivering a high kick to Raiden…who I’m sure literally called down lightning as a response!

Some of the Mortal Kombat Kombatants were not the only popular icons in attendance as Mark also shared this photo he snapped of both Psi-Judge Anderson as well as Judge Dredd, for the 1993 Bally/Midway Judge Dredd pinball table!

All photos courtesy of Mark Steiner.
All photos courtesy of Mark Steiner.

Check out this review of the table from the My Pinball Arcade YouTube channel:


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