1991 Interview With James Horner On Scoring The Rocketeer

Thankfully for you, the Retroist keeps a tight leash on the subjects of my posts…otherwise every other day I would be sharing something related to Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer! All my joking aside the Rocketeer as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions is one of my favorite comic book characters, ever.

The Rocketeer E - Hallmark Ornament

So it’s always a treat when I stumble upon something like this 1991 interview with the late great James Horner on not only how he landed the gig of scoring the film adaptation but his vision for the music itself and one of the difficulties of bringing it to fruition.

[Via] Eyes on Cinema

While the Rocketeer is one of my absolute favorite iconic comic characters the same goes for the moving and heroically triumphant score by Horner for the 1991 movie. For your listening pleasure here is “Rocketeer to the Rescue/ End Titles”.

[Via] James Horner Community

“Peevy, you’d pay to see a man fly, wouldn’t you?”


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