The Unlikely Trio of Cathy, Mike Ditka, and McDonald’s

The Unlikely Trio of Cathy, Mike Ditka, and McDonald’s

Forgive me, I’ve spent a week in the doldrums of rare animated holiday specials, so when I’m on a kick, I’m on a kick.

And there’s no denying this kick is unusual at best.

Between 1987 and 1989, comic strip character Cathy Andrews (simply known to us as Cathy – you know, like Madonna and Cher) starred in three animated specials (Cathy, Cathy’s Last Resort, and Cathy’s Valentine, which I covered on my blog for Valentine’s Day), and was still a popular comic strip to boot. ?Her stories were a commentary on life, and when you’re a regular woman with the sarcasm gene, someone like Cathy is easy to relate to.

Cathy often referred to the Four Basic Guilt Groups – food, love, mom, and work. ?Who couldn’t relate to wanting to eat while maintaining a great physique, wanting a wonderful love life, dealing with mom, and…your actual profession? ?All of this sounds familiar to me, except for the fact that my mom is easy to deal with. ?Except when she begins asking how the dinosaurs mated.

Oh wait, your mom never asked you that question? ?Mine has!

In 1989, Cathy made an appearance in a commercial promoting a product that is part of one of her four basic guilt groups – food. ?And it’s also probably the biggest weakness of Cathy, and women like her – fast food. ?More specifically, she did a commercial for McDonald’s.

And the person she advertised the Restaurant of Golden Arches with?

Why, Mike Ditka, of course!

Screenshot (904)

Now review that last statement…does that make sense on any level to you?


Same here!

The product Cathy and Mr. Ditka are promoting here is McDonald’s Salad. ?You know what I’m talking about – that deceptively healthy stuff that I may as well skip, and just have a cheeseburger and Shamrock shake instead. ?I’d be a whole lot more satisfied.

Screenshot (905)

Anyway, McDonald’s asked this unusual spokesperson pairing to promote their salads, made even better with three new salad dressing flavors!

Screenshot (906)

Mr. Ditka is trying the Zesty Reduced Calorie Red French, to which Cathy responds that she will alert the media.

Screenshot (907)

Like I said, a woman for the rest of us. ?Or at least the rest of us female smartasses out there.
[Via] Video Archeology2

Now, is it me, or do they make these salads out to be better than they really are, because I don’t think they’ve ever looked appetizing.

Just sayin’.

Allison, as you may have noticed already, is a lover of nostalgic commercials, regardless of what the product is. ?She can be found combing the doldrums of nostalgia on her blog, Allison’s Written Words. ?If you like what you’ve seen here, she’d love for you to visit her. ?You can also receive updates in your Facebook newsfeed by “liking” her blog’s Facebook page, and on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut.?

She has never eaten a McDonald’s salad, but met Mike Ditka at a celebrity golf tournament when she worked at a golf course. ?Sorry, she doesn’t have any pictures.?

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