“Girl In The Tower” – King’s Quest VI

I’m a huge fan of Sierra’s King’s Quest series! A HUGE fan! So today after watching a walk-through of King’s Quest VI HEIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW, and then seeing the “credits” roll, this particular song starts to play. I forgot all about this song until that moment. The song was available on an extra CD that came with the game when it was released in 1993.

The song is pretty standard fair back in 1993 but for a song to be specifically produced to accompany a game was rare for that time. I’m not sure it’s popular now, so let’s say that creating a song to accompany a video game was rather innovative. Think Peabo Bryson, and Celine Dion sing about a…girl stuck in a tower and you’ve got the format/subject.

Have a listen:

King’s Quest VI sold 400,000 copies in its first week. I’m pretty sure that had absolutely nothing to do with the song.

Play it for your significant other this evening…and tell them Baby, You’re my Girl in the Tower! Unless he’s a guy. That’s kind of awkward.

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