Rom the Space Knight Is Apparently A 100% Heavy Metal Rocker!

The other day on Facebook, Rich Wentworth of the Hadron Gospel Hour (The awesome Sci-Fi audio comedy/adventure Podcast), was kind enough to share this photo of none other than Jon Mikl Thor of the heavy metal band THOR…sharing the stage with ROM the Space Knight!


Rich shared that photo over on Jon Mikl Thor’s Facebook Page. You might recognize Jon from the recently released award winning documentary entitled “I Am Thor”!

[Via] Dark Sky Films 2006

I have no idea how Rom the Space Knight came to appear besides Jon Mikl Thor but thank goodness there is photographic proof of that meeting. Perhaps someday soon we can see these two icons reunite and take on the likes of the Dire Wraiths?

Rom Space Knight - Issue 47


Image courtesy of the Jon Mikl Thor Facebook Page.
Image courtesy of the Jon Mikl Thor Facebook Page.


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