Brian Kesinger’s Steampunk Transformers Are More Than Meets The Monocle!

Okay. First of all I want to give full credit to Brian Kesinger over at We Love Fine.Com for coming up with that exceptional twist on the old Transformers “More than meets the Eye” catchphrase in regards to his Steampunk Transformers T-Shirt designs.

While the dapper and heroic looking Optimus Prime would be reason enough to share these T-Shirts with you…it’s his take on the Decepticon Soundwave that really takes me breath away. Check out how his familiar alt mode of a tape deck has been deliciously bent to the Steampunk aesthetics of a player piano. Brilliant!

All images courtesy of Brian Kesinger.
All images courtesy of Brian Kesinger.

So if you like a little Steampunk in your Transformers universe…and why would you not…pick up Brian’s T-Shirts by following the link here.

“Coach Fare! Transfigure and briskly jaunt away!”


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