This Fan-Made “New Mutants” Music Video By Superhero Pop Is Amazing!

I’ve talked before about my love of the Marvel Comics New Mutants series of my youth, thanks to the last Super-Blog Team Up! Or is that how traumatizing that series could be?

New Mutants #60

Anyway, the other day Daniel XIII was kind enough to share with me this fan-made music video featuring not only the original roster of New Mutant characters but that hard rocking Mutant, Lila Cheney!

Lila Cheney - Marvel Handbook

Lila Cheney - Superhero Pop

This music video by Superhero Pop does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of those early New Mutants comics, especially when they show off Lila’s Mutant interstellar teleportation ability as well as her object of affection, in this case Sam Gutherie’s (Cannonball) “Blastin'” powers!

Cannonball - New Mutants - Superhero Pop

Now Lila is not up on stage by her lonesome in this music video, heck no, besides her bandmates she is being backed up by the one and only Alison Blaire aka Dazzler! Who I am not ashamed to admit that I had a wicked crush on in my youth…well…not too ashamed to admit that. Ahem.

Dazzler - Marvel Handbook

Dazzler - Superhero Pop

So take a break, crank up the volume and enjoy Lila Cheney’s “I Will Steal Your Heart!”

[Via] Greasy Pig Studios

I really hope that Superhero Pop will keep cranking these out…maybe even release the songs to iTunes?

Until then you can also check out “The Sight of the Sound” featuring Dazzler, also by Superhero Pop!

[Via] Greasy Pig Studios


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