Enjoy this Classic Commercial for “Dutch Wonderland”

I remember this commercial from when I was younger. This person who posted this online, said it is from 1982. I am not sure how long it ran (maybe they had variations on it), but I remember see it much later. I was always a big fan of theme parks and “Dutch Wonderland” was closer to New Jersey than any Disney park, so I annoyed my Mother to try to take me there. Oddly enough, annoying her never worked.

If you are not from New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park catering to small children that occupies almost 50 acres near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Built in 1963, the park was sold in 2001 to the Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. They are still open for business, but their website is nowhere near as cool as this retro commercial. Where are the bear mascots? What about the “high” dive act that is performed on a diving board shorter than the one at the public pool I went to growing up? Time to go retro, Dutch Wonderland!

That is how you attract guests.


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