Toon In: The Sunshine Makers (1935)

Welcome back friends to another installment of Toon In, that time of the week where we take a moment to check out some classic cartoons. For this offering we have The Sunshine Makers, which was originally released by RKO Pictures back on January 11, 1935. It also happened to have been a promotional film for none other than Borden Milk!

The first time I encountered this cartoon wasn’t on TV like some of the other shorts I’ve shared but on a VHS compilation that my Father rented for me when I was terribly ill for about a week in my youth. While I remembered the premise of the short I have to admit I didn’t know the name of it until the internets came to my rescue the other day.

The Sunshine Makers focuses on a group of happy gnomes (some say Dwarfs), who want nothing more than to spread the goodness of the Sun, which they collect in milk bottles and deliver throughout villages to make people happy. The problem though is their neighbors, a gloomy bunch and obviously rather violent collection miscreants judging by the arrow they fire at one of the Sunshine Makers.

This act leads to all out war between the two…who will win? Find out for yourself when you join us and Toon In with The Sunshine Makers!

[Via] frizz lefryd

After watching this short I hope you all will get out there and start bottling some Sun for your very own, sure seems like some powerful stuff!


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