Scream Factory Presents: Zombie Fight Club On Blu-Ray And DVD

Scream Factory
I doubt that when George A. Romero and friends were crafting 1968’s Night of the Living Dead they could have ever in a million years dreamed how their version of Zombies would be embraced in popular culture.

In this day and age we have a mainstream ratings juggernaut on television with AMC’s The Walking Dead, the Zombie genre has even…ahem…infected the popular Call of Duty Black Ops titles, with the latest one featuring the voice talents of Jeff Goldblum, Neal McDonough, Heather Graham, and Ron Perlman! In comic books as well as novels we are finding the genres mashing together and surprisingly well in the case of the 2005 Marvel Zombies and especially Peter Clines’ excellent Ex-Heroes series of books!

Marvel Zombies

EXHeroes - Peter Clines

Now though, our friends from Scream Factory are delivering the Hong Kong overseas hit Zombie Fight Club which is mashing together Zombies…well…and a type of Fight Club!

This isn’t a place you’ll find Tyler Durden however! The story concerns a group of survivors, in the city of Taipei, Jenny (Jessica C) after her boyfriend is infected and joins the horde of living dead ends up crossing the path of Andy (Andy On), a Police Officer who is part of a failed attempt at cleaning out the Zombies infesting the building she resides in. That failure is thanks in no small part to Andy’s superior Captain Ma (Michael Wong)!

Zombie Fight Club 1 - Scream Factory

Along with a few other residents they are forced to survive the undead and escape the building alive…to find themselves knocked out and an even worse fate awaiting them, they are two new participants of the Zombie Fight Club!

Will Jenny and Andy be able to survive this specially designed arena of death…err…undeath?

You will have to find out for yourself when you pick up Zombie Fight Club this Tuesday on Blu-Ray or DVD! Now as I am glad to always point out with a Scream Factory release you will get some extras…they might be a little light this go around but since it’s a foreign language film perhaps that is to be expected:
Zombie Fight Club Stunts
Theatrical Trailer
Both Blu-Ray and DVD editions have English and Mandarin Audio tracks, English subtitles (Yay!) and ‘insightful bonus content’

You can pick up Zombie Fight Club at most retailers this Tuesday or hop on over to the official Scream Factory Site and pre-order your copy today!


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