Richard Dean Anderson On Essentials For A First Aid Kit

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Happy Holidays From Richard Dean Anderson??As He MacGyvers For The Camera!

Before He Was Mac (And Jack), Richard Dean Anderson Did This Stuff

When I was looking for material for my Pre-MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson video, I came across a great archive of treasures on the You Tube channel MacGyver Online. It’s an impressive You Tube Channel, and if you’re a Richard Dean Anderson or MacGyver fan (as you know, I’m both, and if you didn’t know that…um, wow, seriously?!), I highly recommend checking it out. It’s where I found all of the videos from my two previous Richard Dean Anderson/MacGyver articles. Oh, and I subscribe to them too.

One video I filed in the back of my “I’ve Got Ideas for Articles, But Why Not Have More Ideas?” Mental filing cabinet (you know, the one where all of my article ideas are kept) during my “research” for the last two articles was a video that stresses the importance of safety via the common household First Aid Kit. And at the time, who better to tell you all about the wisdom of the conventional safety kit, than the man (or rather, the man who played him) who has no clue what conventional safety means, or what conventional safety kits are? Why, Richard Dean Anderson, of course!

Screenshot (782)

This undated video was a public service announcement that was shown sometime during MacGyver’s run, and looks like something we watched in health class during the late 1990s (because in high school, all the relevant safety videos we ever watched were more than 10 years old). It was the kind of thing the teacher obviously figured we’d react to. And we ate it up, which was naturally something you did as a ’80s/’90s baby.

Oh, and if you really want to see a representation of that mental filing cabinet, it kinda looks like this.

Filing Cabinet

I never said it was sexy or impressive. It’s also the neatest and most organized aspect of my mind. After the siren blares at us (that’s just a warning, as you will need to turn down your volume before watching), Richard goes forth and informs you of all the important things your First Aid Kit should contain, while contained within a shoebox.

Screenshot (783)

Shoeboxes: They’re not just for baseball cards, or I don’t know, SHOES!, for that matter!

Screenshot (784)

And a fair warning if you have your computer volume turned up ? please turn it down slightly, as the audio on this video is loud!

[Via] MacGyver Online

Richard informs you that with your MacGyver-ed First Aid Kit, you too (yes YOU! , not you or you, but YOU!) will be as prepared as MacGyver…and he won’t tell you secret.

Screenshot (801)

It’s ok, the only secret I want to know is how you get your hair to do that. Mousse, or natural?

I’ve watched this four times, folks, and I can tell you that I’m not only prepared, I can actually say “Syrup of Ipecac” now (except I keep giggling at the way HE says “Syrup of Ipecac” – IPP-EH-KAAK). Sounds like an animal puking, doesn’t it?

Oh, and he says to always call 911 or your Poison Control Center in an emergency. You know, because life-threatening and such.

I’m not exactly sure when this would have been a thing, but judging by his hair, I’d say about 1988 or 1989. That would place this roughly around season three or four of MacGyver. Of course, those seasons were part of the glory years of Mac saving the day from threats of the world blowing up. Those were some of the best seasons.

So, remember kids, you too can be like MacGyver and have a cool shoebox full of life-saving, injury-patching tools. Because First Aid!

Screenshot (801)

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