Remember That Time Vin Diesel Was A Spokesman For Street Sharks?!

Remember That Time Vin Diesel Was A Spokesman For Street Sharks?!

Vin Diesel has a ton of acclaim from his roles in The Fast and The Furious series of films as well as his role of Riddick from that franchise. He is also an absolute Dungeons and Dragons fan, something that he has been more than glad to talk about in interviews and if you’ve seen 2015’s The Last Witch Hunter that was a film written sort of based off his character, Melkor, a class that he took out of The Arcanum, which was a third party supplement book.


Of course you might have seen him roll the dice in this Geek and Sundry Video!

Vin Diesel - Geek and Sundry

Did you know however that Diesel was also a spokesman for Mattel’s Street Sharks toy line back in 1994? At least he was for that 1994 Toy Fair! You can see him totally in form as he introduces the likes of the Street Sharks…and you can’t help but see they are taking down a Michelangelo ‘Trolls’ Ninja Turtle action figure as well as Jack Tenrec from the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs toy line!

[Via] TV Days

As you go about your day just remember these words of wisdom…HAND SHARK!!!


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