The New X-Files Trailer…Is That Kolchak The Night Stalker?!

The New X-Files Trailer…Is That Kolchak The Night Stalker?!

This last Sunday saw the return of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to television after a 14 year absence. To be honest it seems some fans of the series are ecstatic about getting to see six new episodes featuring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson giving another go to the characters they made iconic…and other fans seem less than pleased to put it mildly.

For myself…I’m really enjoying the new series. Due to my work schedule however I can’t catch the TV show when it airs so I generally buy the episodes from the X-Box Marketplace so I can view them at my leisure. The problem though is that these episodes will not include previews of the next episode, which is why I was so curious as to why the Retroist seemed so excited about said preview in his instant message the other day.

Then he was kind enough to provide a link to that preview…and I completely lost it after I watched it. Why? Well, I’ll let you see that preview for yourself and if you happen to be a fan of the fantastic 1974 TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker I think you’ll be pretty interested in what you are about to see.
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Now there is a very good possiblity that this visual similarity to Carl Kolchak, that Darren McGavin made so famous, a reporter that continued to stumble across a monster of the week and was a good amount of the inspiration for Chris Carter’s The X-Files…is just that…a visual nod to the Night Stalker. But there is that huge fan base that is really, really hoping that somehow we are going to see Carl Kolchak in the X-Files proper!

X Files - Kolchak the Night Stalker

Make sure to check out that image at the top of the post, there is a very heartfelt tip of the hat to Producer and Director Kim Manners, who sadly passed away in 2002. Kim was said to have the gift of letting his displeasure known with a judicious amount of colorful metaphors…which is why the gravestone in that image declares a rather bold statement.

Carl Kolchak
Now if you are interested in more info about Kolchak the Night Stalker, might I suggest listening to Episode 60 of the Retroist Podcast?

If you happen to be a fan of the TV series and want to know what the Projectionist and myself thought of the Night Stalker TV movie, I humbly suggest you give Episode 16 of the Saturday Frights Podcast a listen!

Just tell yourself it couldn’t happen here!

Guy Mann???
Thanks to Bruce Bromley who watched the “X-Files Re-opened” special and noted that Rhys Darby is playing the Kolchak looking character is being billed as “Guy Mann”. Now this episode, is written by Kolchak rebooter Darin Morgan and in episode 12 of the reboot “The M Word” we get a a were-lizard who tangles with Kolchak and that were-lizard is named…Guy Mann. Now is this the same Guy Mann or did Kolchak contract the same were-disease? I guess we will need to wait till Sunday to find out.


And here is another image of this “Guy Mann” caught with his pants down after a were-lizard attack. In the preview, he speaks with an accent. Another strike against him being the Kolchak we all know ad love.


Here is the new preview. It is pretty funny.


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