A Young Kirk Cameron helps sell Kool Aid back in the Eighties

Kirk Cameron, before he became a big star on the hit TV sitcom “Growing Pains”, did quite a few commercials. This one, which is from the earlier part of the eighties has Kirk playing a depressed older brother who hurt his arm and cannot engage in his favorite activity, baseball. That is when his Mom and his little sister (who according to one comment on “dressed like Shirley Temple”), go to work trying to get big bro to come out of his shell.

Little sister gets him to start throwing the ball around, while Mom makes some delicious red Kool Aid. It doesn’t seem like this plan of their’s is going to work, but then he cracks a smile at his sister’s poor ball playing. Smiling of course leads to giggling and then when his sister finally catches the ball and Mom hits the porch with the Kool Aid, the injured arm is forgotten and summer is salvaged.

The message of the commercial is as true then as it is today, “Moms know what is best and what is best is Kool Aid”.

Kool Aid, broken limbs, baseball and summer…oh Yeah!


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