KISS Your Face Make Up Kit

One Halloween I was desperate for a different type of costume and my sister offered to do my face up to look like Gene Simmons from KISS. Needless to say, I was very excited. She had a nice sized photo and went to work for about 45 minutes. I couldn’t see the results, but I should have guessed that they were not positive.

When the big “Reveal” occurred, I looked nothing like Gene Simmons. It wasn’t because my sister couldn’t get the design right, she did that fine. It was mostly because she tried using make-up that she used in her every day. So instead of thick contrasting black and white, I was a pale beige with a light blue framing around the eyes.

I didn’t go out with that make-up on, which hurt my sister (I was afraid of how badly my friend might make fun of me) and it took what felt like forever to get it off my face. If only I had the KISS Your Face Make Up Kit, things might have been different…

I would have had my choice of band members to be that Halloween.


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