Happy Atari Day! Take Up Your Wand And Stop The Centipede!

Happy Atari Day! Take Up Your Wand And Stop The Centipede!

It is once again the 26th of the month and you know what that means, right? It’s Atari Day! That time when we fans of all things Atari will do our best to talk about the many amazing games and the joy that the legendary company has brought to the World…and with that announcement about the Atari Vault two days it seems the company isn’t planning on stopping any time soon.

For this Atari Day I thought it might be nice to take a look at the home port of the incredibly popular arcade game, Centipede.

While in all truth the 5200 version was definitely the superior port, the 2600 version still delivered the spirit and game play that drew us Players to the original arcade game back in the day. Why not take a look at the two in action?

Atari 2600

[Via] Dastardly Experiments

Atari 5200

[Via] VGDBbr

Perhaps the most amazing thing of the home ports of Centipede is that it actually gave us a backstory to the game, we learned that we were an Elf, using a magic wand to dispatch what was once forest friends made evil by a mad Wizard…all thanks to the comic book insert that one could find included from DC Comics!

Image courtesy of AtariAge.
Image courtesy of AtariAge.

A big thanks to the always impressive AtariAge for the box art image at the top of the post as well as the comic book cover.


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