How Do You Make A Delicious Super Mario Bros. Cake Better? Stop Motion Animation!

Back in 1985 I think it’s fair to say that I was something of a HUGE Super Mario Bros. fanatic. While there were certainly other worthy NES titles to play, it was the first of the early wave of Nintendo games that I just sat myself down in front of the TV and wouldn’t do anything but play Super Mario Bros. until my eyes bled…not satisfied until that fateful afternoon when I beat it and rescued Princess Peach for the first time.

A moment witnessed by my Grandparents in which my Grandmother remarked that Peach was so ugly it wasn’t worth all the effort on Mario’s part. True story.

I never became good enough to go for any speed run record, which a little research says the fastest speed so far was set this year at 4 minutes and 57 seconds using warp zones and 19 minutes and 06 seconds withou using any of the warp pipes. So what I’m saying is that the 1985 game still has it’s legions of fans.

Like Gamerboy Media who created the World 1 – 1 level by way of a tasty cake…and then did one better and used stop motion to bring Super Bakery Bros. to life!

I want to thank Casey Chan of Gizmodo for giving us the heads up on the cake in the first place!


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