Did you buy your DS9 Commander Benjamin Sisko Collector’s Plate?

I watched the entire original run of Deep Space Nine when it originally ran. Which is a surprise since I started out disliking the show. As Season 1 ended I was convinced it wouldn’t last and I certainly was not going to watch season 2. But I did and season 3 and so on.

I am glad I did, because as the show evolved it got really good and all of it was anchored around the very talented Avery Brooks. I have never bought a Star Trek Collector’s plate, but I would be proud to put his on my wall.

Sadly as a collectible, these plates have not done too well. For those of you who bought the plate when it originally came out, you are about 25 or 30 bucks in the hole. I see this plate going for less than ten bucks online and at flea markets.

This is not just the Sisko plate, but many Collector’s plates just weren’t all that collectible. Even the original set of plates with the original cast, as ably sold by Jimmy Doohan in 1986, aren’t worth all that much nowadays.


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