Toon In: A Day At The Zoo (1939)

Released on March 11, 1939, A Day At The Zoo is a Merrie Melodies theatrical short that is hands down a prime reason why Tex Avery was a genius in the animation industry. You won’t find the likes of Bugs Bunny or the usual Looney Tunes cast in this offering but instead we viewers are treated to a visit to the…Kalama Zoo.

This short is packed with wonderful visual puns and great comedic moments as well a nice recurring gag that delivers a great payoff at the end of the short. A Day At The Zoo was narrated by Robert C. Bruce but the bulk of the character voices are handled by the legendary Mel Blanc.

So take seven minutes for yourself and Toon In as we take a look at A Day At The Zoo!

[Via] CC Cartoons

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