Fan Of The Prisoner? You Must Watch 1984’s Six Into One: The Prisoner File!

Released in 1984, this entertaining docudrama presented a Number Two, portrayed by Space 1999’s Saul Reichlin, trying to get to the bottom of the resignation of the enigmatic secret agent known only as Number 6…while all the while discussing Patrick McGoohan’s ground breaking 1967 British television series.

The Prisoner - Pawn

If you count yourself a fan of the TV series you will certainly enjoy this look at the television show with not just McGoohan himself but other cast members as well as fans of the show. You will also get plenty of exciting footage from the Prisoner and McGoohan’s Danger Man…who most fans believe Number 6 to truly be. Will you learn all of the secrets of the Prisoner? For that answer you just have to watch the docudrama yourself!
[Via] Simon Tully

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