Want to watch hours of someone playing with Vintage Computer Keyboards?

Well, you are in luck! Late last night I was looking for a video about a particular vintage keyboard I want (IMSAI IKB-1 intelligent keyboard), when I saw a related video and just decided to check it out. What followed was an exciting wordless journey through hours of vintage technology. The YouTube channel, utensilia is filled with short videos, none longer than 8 minutes, that have no music and no voice. Just tech being used and often disassembled.

It would seem like strange choice and maybe it is even stranger to be entertained by it, but I found it oddly compelling. Instead of paying attention to a persons voice or some background music my attention was laser focused on the tech. I quickly subscribed to the channel and am looking forward to the next release.

Here is my favorite video from the collection so far, it features the host of the video series using and taking apart a Berthold / Cherry G80-0081 keyboard. It is a magnificent goliath!

Oh and don’t forget to check out this beauty, the Zbrojovka Brno 262.3.


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