Mentos – The Freshmaker Parodies

Mentos – The Freshmaker Parodies

One thing that always is guaranteed to take me back to my early teen years are those insanely silly Mentos commercials from the 1990s. You know the ones – someone in a situation that seems insurmountable (you know, Life Problems), but Mentos are always on hand, and always seem to make the situation resolve thyself. And when the unsuspecting person seems surprised by the whole thing, they get a roll of Mentos flashed at them, and all is understood (you know, Getting Each Other on THAT Level Stuff). Then the jingle ends, and that voiceover proclaims…

Screenshot (762)

I love those ads.

Even the Foo Fighters got in on it (and this was one of my favorite songs by the group).

(Uploaded by FooFightersVEVO)

While Mentos have been a thing since 1948, it was in 1991 that the product really became that much more noticeable, thanks to the rather unforgettable advertisements. They were shot in South Africa, and often felt like the commercial parodies Saturday Night Live has always been known for. No matter what the situation, Mentos freshness makes it all better.

But of course, for every actual ad, there are some hilariously good parodies floating around on the interwebs, one of which was proudly posted on Retroist by our own Vic Sage (Do You Recall The 1982 Megaforce Mentos Commercial?). But Megaforce wasn’t the only campy film to receive the campy Mentos treatment.

There was that time Han Solo was in a bit of a bind…

(Uploaded by John Ross)

And the time Jean-Claude Van Damme was on the run…

(Uploaded by u3cL49W518)

Oh, and I’ll never forget the time some of my friends successfully outran a bus full of their antagonists, like in The Warriors…(Some salty body language from James Remar in this one…but it IS James Remar, so it’s funny. – Vic)

(Uploaded by DonDraperSaysWhat)

And because Jean-Claude Van Damme got in on the fun, so did Chuck Norris…

(Uploaded by Edsel 0201)

…and Charles Bronson.



(Uploaded by Blasko1313)

As a matter of fact, there are so many parodies, I will be forced to write this all down for a month. So why not just watch some of the bizarre treatments Mentos have gotten?

You may just pull out a roll of Mentos, smile at your antagonist, and make life blissful too.

Screenshot (760)

It doesn’t solve all the world’s Life Problems, but it tries.

Of course, if you like the parodies, then it’s only because you remember the original ads. There’s a whole playlist of them on You Tube, in case you’re feeling nostalgic for some freshness.
Mentos Commercials

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