Did You Know Jeffrey Combs Was In Aliens…

…Ride at the Speed of Fright?

Aliens Ride at the speed of Fright - IWERKS

I consider myself a pretty big Jeffrey Combs fan. So imagine my absolute shock when Will McCrabb shared this incredible bit of news:
Will McCrabb - Aliens Ride at the Speed of Fright

So it didn’t take me long before I was searching the wilds of the interwebs to see if I couldn’t find some image of Combs in this ride. I literally typed in Jeffrey Combs Aliens and these videos popped up immediately. The pre-ride movie as well as the ride footage, all of it combining footage of James Cameron’s 1986 Aliens with Jeffrey Combs as Colonial Marine Hyer, the only member of the A-Squad detachment of Marines to make it back to the ship, the New Jersey. Too bad for Hyers that his Captain orders B-Squad to take him and go back down to the planet to rescue the surviving Marines before a nuclear device goes off or worse…the Xenomorphs get them!

[Via] Andrew Kasch

[Via] Ash595
Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright was a motion-simulation ride produced by Praxis Films in partnership with IWERKS Entertainment. The chairs the viewer were strapped into would move and bounce to the movement on the screen. My research says that it began showing in 1994 at the Pier 39’s TurboRide Simulation Theatre in San Francisco and could also be experience at the American Adventure Theme Park in the United Kingdom.

All I know is that I regret never being able to go on this ride but I’m grateful that Will’s Twitter post allowed me to see Jeffrey Combs blast some bugs in the Aliens universe!


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