Toon In: Happy Harmony Shorts Featuring The Good Little Monkeys

In my youth when my Father would have to leave for work at four in the morning I would be woken up and forced to get ready for school, spending the remaining three hours watching vintage Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and Three Stooges shorts before it was time to leave the house and get on the school bus.

During that block of Tom and Jerry cartoons, TBS would also slip in Happy Harmonies shorts like 1938’s “Pipe Dreams”, that feature the Good Little Monkeys, characters that first made their appearance in 1935’s appropriately titled “Good Little Monkeys” and would be seen again in 1939 with “Art Gallery”.

So why not join us for about 30 minutes and Toon In as we take a look at The Good Little Monkeys theatrical shorts?
[Via] VHS Cartoons
[Via] Superguy 2038
[Via] Tanner Lion

This type of imagery was the nightmare fuel that kept me from going back to sleep before the bus arrived!


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