Everything I Needed To Know About Soundwave I learned In This 29 Second TV Spot!

I’ve talked on the site before how Hasbro wisely used animated toy commercials to their maximum advantage before they released the first wave of Transformers toys. Seeing these TV ads while watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and later in 1984 seeing the “More than meets the Eye” animated mini-series really got the kids talking about the toys and more importantly bugging our parents to purchase them once they were made available.

One of those ads showcased the many functions of the Decepticon known as Soundwave, his ability to disguise himself as a microcassette recorder really appealed to me but seeing him eject Laserbeak and then toss him like a throwing star is what closed the deal for me.

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It wouldn’t come to be however until a couple of years later when I traded a couple of my Autobot scouts that I didn’t want for him. The rest of the Decepticons in my collection learned to watch what they said about Megatron with Soundwave and Buzzsaw around!

Soundwave G1

Of course if I am to be totally honest, the way I played with my Transformers was shaped by the stories from the syndicated series. So I always had Soundwave be the loyal lieutenant to Megatron with the likes of Buzzsaw, Frenzy, Ravage, and Rumble ready to lend a hand if anyone stepped out of line…like the Constructicons!

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“Let’s kick tailgate!”


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