I Would Totally Watch A 1983 Masters Of Hazzard County Show!

While sadly we do not as of yet live in that alternate universe where He-Man from the Masters of the Universe and Bow from She-Ra: Princess of Power series were merged with the popular 1979 to 1985 Dukes of Hazzard television series…we can at least hop on over to Tri Klops’ store over on Redbubble and order a shirt with “Dukes of Eternia – Good Ol’ Boys” image on it.

So Orko has become the Dukes of Eternia’s vehicle of choice…another magic spell gone wrong perhaps? I wonder where they keep the Power Sword though?

Images courtesy of Redbubble.
Images courtesy of Redbubble.

What nefarious plans would Boss Skeletor hatch against the Dukes of Eternia I wonder?


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