Who wouldn’t want this Official Q*bert Video Shirt?

A couple of great things are going on in this ad. First the shirt is great, although I am not sure why Q*bert is “flying high”. Although the seeming randomness of that phrase just makes this more endearing. I love Q*bert and just bought my first Q*bert shirt last year, as a kid I only dream of shirts like this when I spotted them in magazine. Second, these models are perfect. I feel like I could have gone to high school with either of them. Thirdly, and most importantly, why is it that they call this a video t-shirt and not a video game shirt? Did they charge by the character to advertise? Did the people selling the shirt not really understand what they were selling? Whatever the case, it is a perfect relic of the earlier days of video games and a reminder of all the wonderful merchandise that so many of us missed out on.

If anyone out there starts making this shirt again, I will happily scoop it up and add it to my small but prestigious retro video game t-shirt collection. Plus it will make me dance around all happy…like Q*bert.


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